Karl Kipp

From Roycroft to the Tookay Shop and Back

Some day a book will be written about the enigmatic Karl Kipp. How a former banker became one of the most influential designers and craftsman at the Roycroft Shops, then went on to establish the Tookay Shop where some of the finest metalwork of the Arts and Crafts movement was produced, is a question that has not yet been fully answered. Kipp was probably responsible for many of the most successful and important Roycroft copper designs, and his influence can be seen in many pieces, once you know what to look for. To that end, here are all the pieces on this site that were made at Kipp's Tookay Shop and/or bear one of his "KK" marks. All else being equal, I would say that Kipp's Tookay Shop pieces are almost always more valuable in the current market than similar Roycroft pieces. For a chronology of Kipp's work at Roycroft and the Tookay Shop, see the "History" page.