All Roycroft jardinieres (flower pots), in my opinion, are quite rare. Just flipping through my various original Roycroft copper catalogs, it seems like the jardinieres were all "early" pieces. They disappeared from the books sometime prior to 1919. If I had to guess, I would say that either they didn't sell well, or the heavy gauge copper that was used in all of them was just too expensive (WWI?) or too difficult to work with. Just speculation of course, but the fact is they are hard to find these days. This means that, as a collector, you might have to be forgiving of finish issues if you want to own one -- you could have to wait quite a while for a better one to show up.

Exceptionally rare, early, awesome and valuable jardinieres by Karl Kipp while at Roycroft circa 1910-1911. Secessionist-style design with German silver and cutouts. It has been written that: "His [Kipp's] design elements -- square cutouts, applied german silver squares, and buttressed columns were creatively inspired by his friend Dard Hunter who adopted the clean lines and geometric stylization work of the Wiener Werkstatte during his two-year visit to Vienna subsidized by Elbert Hubbard" (A Catalogue of the Roycrofters, Ray Groll, ed.).

Signed with both the Roycroft mark and a KK signature as shown. About 9 inches by 8 inches (I think). These are the only two I know of. The one at top left sold December 2000 at Sotheby's for $11,000 plus premium. Note the silver handles.

The one at bottom left is in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. Note the copper ring handles.

Another extremely rare Secessionist-influenced jardiniere with silver overlay by Karl Kipp while at Roycroft circa 1910-1911. Similar to the one above, but shorter and lacking the handles. Note the decorative rivets on the legs. And the gorgeous original finish and patina of age!

Note: the has to be one of the most beautiful pieces of Roycroft metalwork in existence!

Value: No auction history.

Another rare, circa 1910-1911 Secessionist-style jardiniere with silver overlay. About 3 3/4 by 7 1/4 inches. Note the differences in design between this one and the two above. This one has a single row of cutouts and lacks the ball finailas and rivets on the legs. Still a great piece though!

Value: Sold for $13,000 plus premium at Rago's 5/02.

Large, rare, and early footed and riveted jardiniere. About 11 inches by 10 inches. Great design, construction and condition make this a very special piece.

Value: $5,000+. This actual piece sold for $9,200 including premium at Rago's 9/00, but I suspect this particular high price largely reflects the absolutely wonderful color and condition. Large jardinieres more often emerge in the condition of the three immediately below (flower pots got used!).

click here for a big pic (Rago Auctions).

Large, rare, and early footed and riveted jardiniere with flared rim. About 10.5 inches high. Note how the bottom portion of this jardiniere is similar to Roycroft's three-footed 10 inch bowl -- the same form was probably used in the manufacture of both. Lightly cleaned finish is not a big deal on a form this rare.

Value: $3,000-$5,000. This actual piece sold for $4,750 plus premium at Pacific Gallery auctions 4/06.

click here for a big pic (

Large, rare and early 3-footed and riveted jardiniere with banded rim. About 11 inches by 11 inches. Compare the design to the one above. I think the flared one is a bit prettier. Finish on this one is also lightly cleaned.

Value: $3,000-5,000. This actual piece sold for $2,500 plus premium at Rago's 9/04 (a little low I would say)..

click here for a big pic (Rago Auctions).

Large, rare, and early footed and riveted jardiniere. About 12 inches high and 12 inches in diameter. Three riveted feet with decorative balls.

This one I've never seen in a catalog, so you too are probably seeing it for the first time here. The large size and decorative features are big plusses on this piece, and in my opinion it may be even more interesting than the big dollar one above.

Condition on this piece is "as found", with an original brassy finish that would probably keep the value below $5,000. This is one of those rare things that I would love to see hit the market -- anything could happen.

Value: est. $4,000+.

click here for a big pic.

Jardiniere with tooled vine decoration. About 7.5 inches wide. Excellent original finish.

Value: $2,000+ in excellent condition.

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Jardiniere. Same as the one above, but included here as a lesson in why you should be gentle with your Roycroft. This piece was cleaned, and sold on ebay for $1000 11/99. Another cleaned one sold for $1800 including premium at Rago 8/08.

Smaller jardiniere. Still quite rare. About 7 inches across. You might say that these days there's only one "affordable" Roycroft jardiniere, and here it is. This small simple jardiniere with three ball feet is very heavy for its size. Slightly worn Aurora Brown finish.

Click here for a big big pic of the bottom one.

Value: $500-700. The one on top sold ebay for $510 5/00; $565 very good condition brown ebay early 2003.