Large elegantly formed vase with flower petal-like ruffles at the top. About 8.75 inches high. Original Aurora Brown finish in excellent condition.

Value $1,000+. Auction prices: $861 good cond. brown ebay 4/01; $450 cleaned up like a new penny 3/01 ebay; $1,152 vg good condition ebay 10/03.

click here for a large pic of the one that sold 10/03 on ebay. Note the true "patina" on this one which is actually kind of nice -- some goo, crud, and signs of gentle wear make the finish interesting.

Same form and size asx the one above, but with a very good brass finish.

Value: Estimated at $700+. This vase sold for $850 ebay 11/02.

Large vase with rolled-rim. About 8.5 inches high. Original Aurora Brown finish in excellent condition. Large vases like this and the one above don't show up nearly as often as the smaller ones. Here's why ---the 1926 catalogue listed them as $12.50 and $10.00, while the small vases were all in the $3.75-$6.00 range. Twice the price new = twice as rare today.

Value $1,000+.

About 5 inches high. Cylinder form with tooled designs near the top. The tooled band contains 4 stylized flowers and green polychrome (painted) highlights. Original Aurora Brown finish in excellent condition. This is probably my favorite small Roycroft vase -- the form is very attractive, with nice proportions and a fair amount of detailed workmanship.

Value $600-800. Latest auction prices: $920 ex. cond. eBay 4/00; $890 gd. cond. 3/01 eBay; $789 ex. cond. eBay 1/02; $651 vg cond. ebay 3/02; $411 vg cond. ebay 10/04; $627 cleaned 3/05 ebay.

These vases appear on the market on a regular basis (a few a year on eBay), but most often in the Old Brass finish like the one below (and they're frequently worn). Finding one with an excellent brown finish can take a while, and will cost twice as much as the worn ones.

click here for a large pic.

About 5 inches high. Cylinder form with tooled designs near the top. The tooled band contains 4 stylized flowers and the remnants of green polychrome highlights.

Value $400-500. This vase has minor wear to the original Old Brass finish. Since the selling price on eBay was $350 in Sept 1999, I would say it was a bargain. Latest auction prices: $385 fair cond brass 9/99; $305 cleaned 12/99 ebay; $550+15% fair silver finish Rago 1/01; $499 worn but nicely darkened brass 3/02 ebay; $560 gd cond. ebay 4/04; $405 fair cond ebay 05/06..

click here for a close-up of the tooled areas.

About 6 inches high. Floriform copper base with Steuben hand-blown bubbly glass insert. These came with brown, brass, or silver bases joined with either green or amber glass inserts. A brass and a silver are shown here.

Value $500-800. Condition and color of the base finish is key. Brown base with green insert is probably worth the most. Auction prices: The vase on top sold for $500 12/00 eBay; brown very good cond. ebay 11/99 $810 (brown ones in excellent condition have broken $1,000); $500 silver finish ebay 6/01; $657 silver finish ebay 12/01; brass exc. cond. 600+17.5% premium 11/03; $649 brown/green ex. cond. ebay 10/04; $544 good cond brown ebay 12/04.

Rare vase with glass insert. About 7 inches high. Copper base has flower petal-like design with green Steuben hand-blown bubbly glass insert. This is a later piece, around 1926-ish, but doesn't show up very often.

Value: I would have guessed $800-1,000, maybe $1,200 tops, but this vase, with a somewhat shabby base, sold for $2,700 or so 2/02 on eBay. Go figure.

Rare Karl Kipp vase. Only 3 inches high! This diminutive piece is certainly the smallest KK vase I've ever seen. One of the few pieces where smaller is cooler. Has the "Hand Wrought" mark. Probably original brownish finish.

Value $400+ I suppose.

click here for a large pic.

Speaking of odd and rare little Karl Kipp vases, here's another one. This classically-shaped vase is 4 inches tall, and obviously silver plated (which in itself is very unusual for a KK piece -- but works against it in terms of value). Has the "Hand Wrought" mark as shown here. This is the only example of this exact shape/size in a KK vase that I'm aware of, and I assume it dates to circa 1915. .

Value $350+ I suppose (high marks for rarity, and condition is ok, but it's just so hard to warm up to silver plated Roycroft/Kipp vases!).

click here for a large pic.

About 4.75 inches high. Tapering cylinder form with tooled geometric designs near the top. This cool vase, although a middle period design, is pretty rare. Original Aurora Brown finish in excellent condition.

Value $750+. Auction prices: $1,000 vg cond. ebay 10/03.

click here for a large pic.

About 6 inches high. Plain but beautiful. Original Aurora Brown finish in excellent condition.

Value $500-600. Latest auction price $512 vg cond. ebay 1/02; An early heavy one but refinished sold for $750 11/02.

About 6 inches high. Here's the same vase but in a good original Old Brass finish. Close comparison between the vase above and this one reveals a difference not only in finish but also in hammering technique, size, proportion, copper thickness, etc. It's interesting that the heavier, and I would guess earlier, vase bears the middle mark while the slightly lighter one has the early mark. So much for dating with marks. I'll leave it to you to guess which is which.

Value $400-500.

About 4.75 inches high and 4.5 inches wide. Bulbous vase. Heavier weight copper and has early mark. Original Old Brass finish in very good condition.

Value $300-400. Latest auction price: I paid $350 8/00 ebay.

About 4.75 inches high and 4.5 inches wide. Another bulbous vase. A tiny bit smaller than the brass one above. Middle mark but nice and heavy also. Original Aurora Brown finish in excellent condition.

Value $400-500. I saw a few at GPI 2001 priced in the $600-700 range. Latest auction prices: $405 vg finish but a small dent ebay 6/01; $209 bad brown finish ebay 10/03; $350 good cond. brown ebay 11/03.

Vase with shoulders. About 5 inches high. This form shows up about as often as the bulbous vase above. This example has a so-so finish -- kind of a splotchy light brown, which is not unusual on the later ones.

Value $375-450. A fine Aurora Brown example would be up in the $600+ range. Latest auction prices: $600 + 15% vg cond. Rago 5/03; $516 good brown finish 10/05 eBay.

Two "curly top" vases. About 6 inches and 5.5 inches high. I didn't know these came in two sizes until early 1999, when I found the bigger one at the Grove Park Inn show. The big one is quite rare (I've only seen two), is signed with the Jennings two dot mark, has its original Aurora Brown finish and is in excellent condition. The small one is Old Brass finish in average condition.

Value (big) $600+ and (small) $200-300. Latest auction prices: big one w/ a few rim dents $356 ebay 12/01; small one brass average finish $201 ebay 10/03; small one brown vg cond. $330 ebay 2/05.

Curly top vase. About 5.5 inches high. Here's another small curly top vase with an excellent original Aurora Brown finish.

Value $350-450. Latest auction prices: $472 brown vg cond 5/00 ebay; $265 well worn ebay 7/01.

Another curly top vase, but with a twist. This vase is 5.5 inches tall, but the design of the top is a little different from the typical design. Just compare the flutes to the ones above. This vase has the 2-dot mark (probably made by Walter Jennings), and probably represents an early piece with a little artistic variation.

Original brass finish in what appears to be acceptable condition.

Click here for a bigger pic.

Value: Sold ebay $311 7/03.

Vase with curly top rim. About 5.5 inches high. A fairly attractive middle period vase, and a nice addition to any collection I would say. Original Brown finish in excellent condition.

Value $350-400. This actual vase sold eBay $371 2/03; $328 ex. cond ebay 6/04; $335 vg cond. ebay 8/07.

click here for a large pic.

OK, here's a lesson in market values. Look at the difference between the vase above and this one. The one above would be welcome in any collection, while this one clearly has finish issues, to the point of being unattractive.

Now look at the auction prices. They both sold on ebay, the better one for $328 2/03 and the nasty one for $428 7/00. Just goes to show you, with "mature period" pieces like these, you can wait and a nicer and cheaper one will show up (twice in a year and a half!).

Two vases with curly top rims, both with excellent brass finishes. Vase on left is rare earlier and heavier with 2 "WJ dots" in the early mark and is about 6 3/8 in. high. Vase on right is more common 5.5 inches high and middle mark (and "blue brass" finish).

Value left $300-400, right $250-350. If you don't like brass finishes, this big pic may help change your mind. When vases like these show up in such excellent condition they really look wonderful. However, the market overall is usually still paying more for worn Aurora Brown than these great brass pieces.

About 5.5 inches high. Here's an unusual early version of the vases above. The proportions and shape of the top are different, but they share the same basic design. I find pieces like this one interesting because they demonstrate how forms evolved over time. This vase has the early mark. Original Brass finish with some wear.

Value $300-400.

click here for a bigger picture.

Vase shaped like an upside-down bell. About 4.25 inches high. Original Aurora Brown finish in most excellent condition.

Value $350-450 [Auction prices: $660 ex cond brown 6/99]

Two small vases about 4.5 inches high. Interesting comparison between the early and late versions of the same form. Quite different in terms of weight and color. Later one (left) is original Aurora Brown finish in excellent condition. Early one (right) is very heavy and signed with the Jennings two dot mark.

Value (late) $300-450 and (early) $250-350 (has a small dent). Latest auction price: $182.50 fair cond brown ebay 12/99; $587 gd cond brown ebay 1/00 (wow!!); $325 brown vg cond ebay 7/03; $425 gd. cond. ebay 2/04; $480 good cond. ebay 3/05.

Vase with slightly flared rim about 4.5 inches high. Early and heavy form.

Value $300-400.

Vase with gold acid etched finish about 5 inches high. If you're unfamiliar with Roycroft's finishes, you should know that most collectors do not value acid-etched pieces particularly highly. They were generally made later and do not have that hammered arts and craftsy look. But since it might be nice to have one or two acid etched pieces to fill out a collection, I've included this vase on this site.

Value $250-350.

Vase of bulbous form and slightly flared rim. Form is similar to the vase above. About 5 inches high. Finish on this one is not that great, with some wear/cleaning.

Click here for a bigger pic.

Value: This vase sold $331 7/03 ebay. Excellent condition brown would be $450-550.

Fat bottomed vase, commonly referred to as the "nuclear power plant vase" or "gourd vase". This form, model #239, dates from the late teens through the mid 1920s (it was not listed in the 1926 catalog). It's a heavy and substantial form, especially when it bears the early mark. About 4 inches high by 6.5 inches wide.

The one at top is a very nice example of Roycroft's 1920s laquered Aurora Brown, and this example does in fact bear the middle period mark. Click here for a big picture of this vase. Value $500-800. This vase sold 2/07 on eBay for $471 (a nice buy).

The second from top has an Old Brass finish in awful condition, thus a good candidate for repatination. Value $250-350 in this condition. Auction prices: $332 poor cond brass 9/99; $440 poor cond. brass 2/05.

The third one is good brass finish. Value $400-500. Auction prices: $600+15% good brass finish Rago's 1/01; The vase pictured sold for $480 ebay 10/03 --Click here for a big picture. $404 vg cond. brass 10/04 ebay. .

The fourth one is very good original brown finish. Value $500-800. Auction prices: $880 ex cond brown 9/99 click here for a big picture; $810 vg cond. brown ebay 11/03.

The bottom one is rare silver Sheffield finish. Value $500-600. Sold $500 3/05 ebay. Click here for a big picture.

A Exclusive!

Exceptionally rare, probably one-of-a-kind vase, a variation on the form above. Note the decorative leaf design and fine peened hammering. From the estate of a Roycrofter. Late mark dates it to the late twenties.

Large pic

Value: Impossible to determine.

Two vases of flared-rim form. About 4.5 inches high. Notice the pronounced difference in hammering between these two vases. Fine delicate hammering (left) versus strong bold (lazy?) hammering (right). Both have original Aurora Brown finish in very good condition.

Value $300-500 each. Auction prices: $412 ex cond brown 9/99; $250 cleaned ebay 10/04.

Another flared-rim vase. This time in Old Brass.

Value $200-300. Auction prices: $300 fair cond. ebay 3/04.

Two cute little bud vases about 4.5 inches high. Notice the slight variation in height. Both in Aurora Brown finish in excellent condition.

Click here for a bigger picture of another example.

Value $175-250 each. Latest auction price: $178 vg cond. brown ebay 11/01; $240 excellent condition brown ebay 7/03; $168 vg cond. ebay 10/05.

Bud vase allegedly designed by Karl Kipp. I can't decide whether I love this form or hate it. Beware of replaced glass inserts like this one courtesy of Nat Sherman cigars (original one broken by yours truly had a curly top).

Value $175-250. Latest auction prices: $233 ebay 7/01.

Bud vase, probably Karl Kipp design. About 8.5 inches high. The design is very Secessionist and they don't show up very often, so this is quite a desirable piece. The rivets are neat, and this piece also has a unique tiny Roycroft stamp, usually on top.

Value $350-500 even without an insert.

Another Kipp-designed bud vase. I'm including this picture because I really like the ruffled and acid-etched insert.

Know that the Kipp-signed version of this vase is a little different than the Roycroft version. The biggest difference is that the bottom is "rolled" on the Kipp ones rather than straight cut. Click here to see what I'm talking about. Kipp Princess sticks share the same design feature.

Value $150-200 for the Roycroft version.

Value $250-350 for the KK signed ones: Latest auction prices for the KK: $432 ebay 12/01 (too high); one with a bend sold for $178 11/03 ebay (that's more like it); excellent one sold $261 ebay 11/03.

Bud vase with glass insert. Excellent Old Brass finish. The insert in this vase is original.

Value $150-225.

Bud vase with glass insert. Excellent original Aurora Brown finish. Beautiful design, right? NOT! Great curly top insert though.

Value is $125-175. Latest auction prices: a nice PAIR sold for $200 on ebay 8/00.

Wall hanging bud vase with glass insert. Excellent original Aurora Brown finish. Nice design. Insert is probably not original.

Value: $125-175. Sold ebay 8/00 $153.

Early vase holder. No, it's not a candleholder. A glass tube slides into the base. A neat little piece if you have the original insert. The rivets are cool. Condition on this one is not very good.

Value: $125-175. A mint one with original holder would be worth $250-300.

Very late deco style vase/compote. Spun not hammered. I don't like this thing much, but at least they were trying out new forms when they made it. You have to respect the effort I suppose.

Value: Sold $255 3/02 ebay.