Magnificent and very rare Secessionist design humidor circa 1910-1912, with German silver handle and applied German silver squares. Excellent finish. About 6 inches high by 5.25 inches wide.

Value: there are only a few of these kicking around, and this one sold for $28,800 including buyer's premium at David Rago's auction March 2008. The Roycroft collecting community was clearly hungry for this form to show up on the market!

Click here for a nice big pic.

Rare early humidor. About 6.25 inches high by 6.5 inches wide.

This wonderful early (probably 1910-1915) humidor is very unusual with its relatively large size, weighty bulbous form and heavy copper handle. It bears a large early mark and a nice warm aged patina. There is no catalog reference for this form, and it's probably a one-off, made using the bulbous shaft vase base!

Value: no auction results.

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Click here for a big pic of the bottom.

Very rare decorated humidor by Karl Kipp made at the Tookay Shop circa 1914. About 7 inches high by 5 inches wide.

One of two I've seen, this has really nice tooled flowers, panels, woodgrain hammering, and spectacular rivets that are both functional and decorative. Just an awesome piece of Arts and Crafts metalwork!

Value: The only auction result is the $5775 that this one sold for 3/08 on eBay. I would use that as the high end of the value range for this form since the market was really starved for one of these at the time.

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  • Click here for the mark inside!

Humidor. About 5.5 inches high and 4.25 inches wide. This really nice humidor has tooled decoration on both the base and the lid. Exceptional original Aurora Brown finish.

Value $800-1,000. But a couple really nice ones have sold higher. Auction results: brown ex. cond. $1200 Rago's early 1999; brown ex. cond. ebay $1550 5/00; $392 corroded and cleaned 2/05.

I have seen the same form with "issues" in the $400-600 range, or in a brass finish for $250-500. Latest price brass: $358 avg cond ebay 2/02.

Humidor. About 5.5 inches high and 4.25 inches wide. Same as above except the finish on this one is polychrome-ish.

Value: sold $753 eBay 10/00.

Humidor. Same as above, shown here as a good example of why most collectors don't like acid etched finishes.

Value $350-450 (this piece sold on eBay 10/99 for $410).

Click here for a close up of the decoration.

Photo by permission -- Thanks Granny!


This is the same basic humidor, without the tooled decoration, but with a really great Old Brass finish.

Value $300-400. Latest auction prices: $412 good brown finish ebay 6/01.

Rare humidor with handles. About 6 inches by 5.5 inches. Worn brass finish, but here the finish doesn't really matter because the piece is so rare.

Value $1,000+ (this actual piece sold for $2300 including premium Rago's 9/00); $1038 good cond. ebay 8/07.

Click here for a big pic of the one at left.

Click here for a big pic of the ebay one.

Humidor with a finial. About 8 inches tall I think. Later design, rope border top and bottom, this is a large piece in person and they don't show up very often.

Value $700-900.

Smoking set. Model #615 which includes the 10 inch trefoil tray, a cigarette cup, match cup, and matchbook holder/ashtray.

Large pic

Value $1,000 or so for the complete set in this condition (very nice).

Smoking set. This rare set has the original glass inserts and the excellent craftsmanship and riveted construction make it a wonderful piece. Too bad that smoking-related items frequently don't command high market prices -- they just don't display as well as a vase or lamp.

Value $1,000-1,500.

Collection Roycroft Arts Museum, Boice Lydell

Smokers Stand.

This rare piece is 24 inches tall and beautifully constructed.

Value $1,200-1,750.

Photo courtesy of Gallery 532 NYC.

Match book holder in the form of a book. 2.5 by 1.5 inches. Somewhat hard to find (if you're looking for one)

Value: Sold for $333 ebay 3/02!

Cigarette Holder. About 3 inches high and 3 inches wide. This piece is often found as part of a 4 piece smokers set (tray, humidor, match holder, cig holder). Nice Old Brass finish.

Value $75-100. Latest auction price: $127 ebay 2/02.

Cigarette Holder. About 3 inches high and 3 inches wide. Same as above, but with tooled decoration. Original finish is SHOT!

Value: believe it or not one of these with an EXCELLENT original Aurora Brown finish sold for $600 on ebay in 1999. This one needs to be refinished in order to be worth more than $75 or so.

Matchbox holder. Although this is a small item, I think it has a really nice design. Excellent original Aurora Brown finish.

Value $150-250.

Ash tray with pipe knocker. This is a somewhat unusual smoking-related item. The Aurora Brown finish has plenty of wear from use.

Value $75-100 (but $150 or so without the wear).

Roycroft made a ton of simple little ashtrays. This is just one example, and I will not be adding any more to the site.

Value of most little ashtrays is $50-125, depending on design and condition.

Matchbox holder. About 2.25 inches high. Original Old Brass finish in average condition.

Value $40-60